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Weapon stripping 3D NoAds

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This is NoAds version.Weapon field strip: this game is your personal armory.You can disassembly such guns, as:- AK (also known as AK-47 or Kalashnikov Assault rifle)- VSS Vintorez (special sniper rifle)- AKS-74 (as known as 5.45 mm Kalashnikov Assault rifle)- SR-3M (special assault rifle)- AKS-74U (the shortened Kalashnikov for special operations and police operations)- M4A1 Carabine- APS (Stechkin Automatic Pistol)- APB (silent automatic pistol)- PM (Makarov Pistol)- Glock 17- M1911-A1 (aka Colt 1911)- TT pistol- PP-19 Bizon- Steyr AUG- MP-40- PPS-43- StG-44 (Sturmgewehr 44, MP-43, MP-44)
Weapons disassembly and assembly are not only you can do, also you can learn how each one fires in different modes: automatic, single, without some details...
Will be differrent rifles, guns, machineguns, pistols and other weapon in future.